In addition to the worship practices begun in the home by parents, the faculty assists children in worship by instructing them in private and public devotions. Children are encouraged to speak and write their own prayers to make worship more personal and meaningful. The school provides devotional leadership opportunities in the classroom and in chapel services. All parents and friends of Salem Lutheran School are invited to attend our weekly chapel services.

Christian Living

The teaching of the Christian faith permeates every aspect of the educational experience at Salem. Students will grow in their faith development by learning/discussing Bible stories, memorizing key scripture, and in worship experiences. Students will explore personal and societal issues, responding in a manner that shows they have internalized the gospel message of love and forgiveness. Prayer life is an essential part of a student’s faith development.   

Language Arts

The Language Arts Program, which incorporates literature, is based on a thorough knowledge of phonetic sounds, augmented by vocabulary development and increasing comprehension skills. Reading, spelling, oral and written expression, and listening are all involved in this area.


Math concepts, theories, problem solving skills, and practical application of mathematical principles are emphasized. Eighth grade students who qualify may take geometry or honors algebra instead of the regular eighth grade pre-algebra program. These classes are equivalent to a high school level classes but are not a guarantee of higher placement in high school programs.  


Concepts of natural and physical sciences and the techniques of inquiry and experimentation are introduced at various grade levels. The study of science also includes an appreciation of God’s creation, how our world and our bodies function, and how to care for our environment and ourselves.

Social Studies

By appreciating God’s direction in the history of His world, children learn to trust God to guide their lives. Included is geography, American and world history, and current events.

Fine Arts

The fine arts are taught for both expression and appreciation. The fine arts are integrated into all facets of the curriculum and are additionally taught on their own through the school’s very successful visual and performing arts programs. The visual arts program consists of monthly presentations that focus on art history and theory of master artists complemented with hands-on activities which include drawing, painting, print-making, ceramics and mixed media.


Music is taught regularly with a focus on performance, theory and appreciation. Students lead worship in chapel and church services.  Special musical performances include a Christmas Program and Spring Musical.  At the Junior High level honors choir, chapel band, and handbells are offered.


Technology is an integrated part of the curriculum. All subjects utilize technology integration. This is done via a one-to-one laptop program (grades 3 - 8), iPads (grades K-2), visual display systems, and wireless internet access throughout the school.

Physical Education

Physical Education is physical fitness and skill development with the focus on developing an active healthy lifestyle. Skills are developmentally appropriate across all grade levels.

Junior High Electives

Each year students in 7th and 8th grade have the opportunity to sign up for a variety of electives. Fine Arts, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL), Teacher Assistance, Robotics I & II, Mythbusters, Speech, Health, Sewing, Fantasy Football, Science Olympics, Life Skills, Creative Writing, Cooking, Honors Choir, Chapel Band and Handbells are offered on a rotating schedule. Additional options may become available throughout the course of the year.  

Standardized Testing

Salem students complete the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) testing each fall.  The ITBS test measures skills and achievements for students in grades 1 through 8.  

The benefits of ITBS Testing:

  • Tradition of over 70 years of educational research

  • Provides an in-depth assessment of student achievement

  • Provides reliable and comprehensive information regarding skill development and critical thinking

ITBS Scores:

  • Salem students consistently perform at or above grade level in content areas tested

  • Faculty and Staff evaluate Iowa scores annually as a tool to help evaluate student learning objectives (SLOs)