Scrip is an online program that allows families to earn money for Salem just by making their regular household purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit, they use prepaid gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers. Best of all, Salem' Scrip program allows parents to split the rebate with the school with 50% going to support Salem's Tuition Assistance program and 50% being returned to the parents in a check at the end of the year. 

It's a great way to save money for class trips.

Click here to go to the registration page. You can create an account with just an email address and Salem’s enrollment code: 3F3EEE4B1LL54

Member families can register and place scrip orders on their own. The benefits for families include:

  • Convenience - Order scrip from home or office
  • Accuracy - families can only order valid products - no wrong denominations or retailers
  • Better information - families can see their own purchase history and the status of their orders.